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Coronavirus: DARPA Response

DARPA is working closely with the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services, in addition to its academic and industry partners, to provide technical and scientific solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic.


DARPA’s success depends on the vibrant ecosystem of innovation within which the Agency operates, and is fueled by partners in multiple sectors.

Darpa Events

M0N0 subthreshold ultra-low power processor workshop

May 21, 2020, 08:00 – 12:00 PDT
DARPA’s Near Zero Power RF and Sensor Operations (N-ZERO) program revolutionized sensing for untethered, unattended systems. The goal of N-ZERO was to develop the technological foundations for persistent, event-driven sensing capabilities in which the sensor can remain dormant, with near-zero power consumption, until awakened by an external trigger or stimulus. To compliment these technological breakthroughs in persistent sensing, the program produced an ultra-low power ARM processor called M0N0. During this virtual workshop hosted by ARM, attendees will have an opportunity to learn about using, modifying, and licensing M0N0.

Discover DSO Day (D3)

June 24-25, 2020
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Defense Sciences Office (DSO) is sponsoring the Discover DSO Day (D3) event to provide information to potential proposers on the objectives of the DSO Office-wide Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).

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