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New Program Managers

DARPA program managers address national security challenges from every possible technology angle and recognize that success comes from attracting the help of scientists and engineers across many different disciplines—in academia, government labs, and companies large and small. Featured here are program managers who have arrived at the Agency within the past six months. They bring with them fresh ideas and priorities, and a sense of urgency to take advantage of their positions at DARPA to catalyze the creation of truly radical technologies. We encourage you to reach out to them as they develop their portfolios of new DARPA programs to share research proposals that reflect your dreams of new capabilities and technologies.


Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office
Dr. Rohit Chitale joined DARPA as a program manager in 2019. He is an infectious disease epidemiologist with more than 20 years of experience helping national and international organizations establish and lead programs related to infectious disease prevention and eradication, with specific expertise in the design and implementation of disease surveillance systems and the development of new disease control tools. More
Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office
Mr. Steve Komadina joined DARPA in July 2019 as a program manager in the Tactical Technology Office. His research interests include technology development, flight demonstration, and prototyping of hypersonic systems; novel planforms/propulsion/controls; autonomous/unmanned air systems; air-to-air weapons; and manned/unmanned teaming. More
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Program Manager, Defense Sciences Office
Dr. Joe Altepeter joined DARPA in the Defense Sciences Office in September 2019. His interests include quantum and quantum-inspired technologies, novel sensors and imaging systems, hyperspectral awareness, and the visualization of useful data from complex physical systems. More
Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office
Dr. Seth Cohen joined DARPA as a Program Manager in August 2019. He is interested in novel materials, new approaches to therapeutics/countermeasures, and biological and chemical technologies for stabilization/acquisition of scarce resources. More
Mr. Tejas Patel
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Mr. Tejas Patel joined DARPA as a program manager in August 2019 to develop, execute, and transition programs in cyberspace operations and other defense mission areas. More
Program Manager , Information Innovation Office
Dr. Bruce Draper joined DARPA as a program manager in August 2019 to develop, execute, and transition programs in artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and machine learning. More
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CDR Greg Sutton
Program Manager, Strategic Technology Office
Cmdr. Greg Sutton joined DARPA in August 2019 as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office (STO). His research interests include maritime access; offensive non-kinetics; and novel maritime tagging, tracking, and locating concepts. More