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A retired Air Force Officer, Steve Cross served as a DARPA PM from 1989-1994 and later chaired its information science and technology study group.
Dr. Regli is a computer scientist who has focused his career on interdisciplinary and use-inspired problems spanning engineering, artificial intelligence and computational modeling and graphics. His most recent activities have deployed cyber-infrastructure systems to capture and curate engineering and science data in order to ensure long-term sustainability.
Mr. Scott Ulrey has been Deputy Director, Contracts Management Office, at DARPA since 2006 and held previous positions as division director and contracting officer at DARPA since 1989.
Ms. Kristen Fuller became the assistant director for program management (ADPM) for DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office (DSO) in April 2014. In this role, Ms. Fuller is responsible for managing DSO’s business processes.
The mission of BTO is to foster, demonstrate, and transition breakthrough fundamental research, discoveries, and applications that integrate biology, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and the physical sciences. BTO’s investment portfolio goes far beyond life sciences applications in medicine to include areas of research such as human-machine interfaces, microbes as production platforms, and deep exploration of the impact of evolving ecologies and environments on U.S. readiness and capabilities.