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DARPA’s leadership and technical offices are supported by a dedicated team of management and administrative professionals responsible for ensuring the secure, efficient and nimble operation of the Agency. The offices that provide essential support to the Agency include:
Director, Mission Services Office
Current as of May 2020 Mr. Jason Preisser assumed his current position as Director of Mission Services Office (MSO) in April 2020. As Director of MSO, his responsibilities extend to all aspects of the DARPA mission, including support to research projects and operations. He oversees enterprise support operations and is responsible for providing DARPA with innovative, risk-managed, and mission-responsive services including security, intelligence, counterintelligence, privacy, information technology, facilities and logistics, records management, and audit readiness. He also serves as the Agency’s Deputy Chief Information Officer, Senior Privacy Officer, and Senior Services Manager.
Director - Security and Intelligence Directorate (SID)
Mark Boyd is the Director of the Security and Intelligence Directorate (SID).