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DARPA today announced it is extending its High-speed Optimized Handling of Holiday Operations (HO HO HO) initiative, which the Agency launched last year to help Santa Claus and his elves more quickly and efficiently complete their holiday duties. Recognizing that high morale is an important adjunct to high technology for meeting the challenges of a complex world, the initiative aims to ensure that Service members, veterans and others can all share the magic of the holiday season.
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Videos hosted on the DARPA YouTube channel were watched more than eight million times this year—and that’s without a single posting involving cats or cucumbers. All told in 2015, viewers spent more than 29 years looking at footage of our new technologies and some of the people who are making the seemingly impossible possible. A full list of our videos is available at for those not wanting to be left in the dark when New Year’s party conversation inevitably turns to the topic of DARPA videos.
From the depths of the ocean to the edges of outer space, from systems of systems and digital domains to the mysterious biological underpinnings of the human brain, DARPA supported about 250 paradigm-challenging programs in 2015—a technology portfolio of possible futures that many people apparently found of interest. The DARPA website received just under 20 million page views in 2015, as visitors came to learn about new efforts the Agency was launching and about milestones reached in existing programs.
The DARPA Twitter and Facebook feeds reach millions of people each year; our tweets generated more than 70 million impressions in 2015, while our Facebook posts garnered nearly 19 million impressions. People from around the world connect with DARPA to learn about the Agency’s steady stream of advances, share ideas, look back at historical achievements and peek ahead at the future of technology.
This year, 2016, is a banner year for advocates of the power of ten. It is the 150th anniversary of Congress passing Public Law 39-183, otherwise known as the Metric Act of 1866, which for the first time made it legal to use the metric system for weights and measures in the United States. 2016 also marks the 100th anniversary of the American Metric Association (renamed the U.S. Metric Association in 1974), a non-profit organization created to advocate adoption of the metric system in U.S. commerce and education. American appreciation of the metric system has been less than avid but has gradually grown, in large part because of leadership from science and engineering communities.