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Special Assistant to the DARPA Director / Marine Corps Operational Liaison
Lt. Col. Tyson enlisted in the Marine Corps reserves in 1991 as a field artilleryman while completing his undergraduate degree in International Relations at The Pennsylvania State University. He was commissioned in 1995 and designated a naval aviator in 1997.
Director - Facilities and Logistics Directorate
Mr. Aaron T. Amey in the Director of Facilities and Logistics Directorate.
Director - Mission Services Office (MSO)
Mr. Brian Eshenbrenner is Director of the Mission Services Office (MSO).
Division Chief: U.S. Army, SOCOM, and CENTCOM
Mr. Bryan Rudacille is the division chief in the Adaptive Execution Office. He is the principal lead for transitioning technology to the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), as well as the U.S. Army and select interagency partners.
Director - Information Technology Directorate (ITD)
Mr. Kevin Buckman is the Director of the Information Technology Directorate (ITD).