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Electromagnetic Spectrum and Bandwidth

Novel concepts and technologies for maximizing use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Deputy Director
Dr. Jay Lewis is the Deputy Director of the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO). In this role, Dr. Lewis helps set the strategic vision for the office, recruits program managers (PMs) who are leaders in their respective fields, and provides the oversight and guidance required to empower the PMs to drive the creation of breakthrough technology for national security.
Program Manager
Dr. Joseph B. Evans joined DARPA in June 2015 as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office. His interests include advanced networking and communications technologies with an emphasis on large-scale wireless, dynamic and cross-domain systems.
Program Manager
Dr. Joseph Mangano serves as the program manager of the Excalibur program and oversees efforts designed to significantly enhance the mission set of airborne platforms through coherent optical phased array (OPA) technology. Fiber-based OPAs have near-term potential to achieve greater than 40% overall efficiency in a package compact enough for deployment on tactical airborne platforms. Successful integration of these systems would enable new and enhanced capabilities including laser radar (otherwise known as lidar), target designation, laser communications, power beaming, and aircraft self-protection.
Program Manager
Dr. Rob Saperstein joined DARPA in June 2018 as a program manager for the Strategic Technology Office. His interests lie in technologies and systems for optical reconnaissance (ISR), electronic support, tactical optical networks, and verification of effectiveness.
Program Manager
Dr. Roy (Troy) Olsson III joined DARPA as a program manager in June 2014. His research interests include materials, devices, and architectures that enable low-power processing of wireless and sensor signals, vanishing materials, electronics and structures, and phased array antennas.