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Supervised Autonomy

Automated capabilities with human supervision; "human in the loop"

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The Blackjack program will develop and demonstrate the critical technical elements for building a global high-speed network backbone in low earth orbit (LEO) that enables highly networked, resilient, and persistent DoD payloads that provide over-the-horizon sensing, signals, and communications to hold the ground, surface, and air domains in global constant custody. The program is an architecture demonstration intending to show the high military utility of global LEO constellations and mesh networks of low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) payloads and commoditized satellite buses.
The goal of the URSA program is to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating unmanned systems, sensor technologies, and advanced autonomy algorithms to enable improved techniques for rapidly discriminating hostile intent and filtering out threats in complex urban environments.