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Supervised Autonomy

Automated capabilities with human supervision; "human in the loop"

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Program Manager
Mr. Shelby Sullivan is a Program Manager in the Strategic Technology Office. Prior to arriving at DARPA, Mr. Sullivan was a Senior Principal II Systems Engineer at BAE Systems, Electronic Systems, Technology Solutions division located in Nashua, New Hampshire. He received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of California, San Diego.
ACTUV Christening Media Kit
Why does DARPA sometimes turn to prizes instead of conventional means of encouraging progress, such as by funding activities through contracts or grants?
This Request for Information from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Tactical Technology Office seeks ideas, methodologies, and approaches solely for information and planning purposes. Responses to this RFI will be used to determine attendees for a workshop in Arlington, Va. In addition, the information may potentially support the development of new DARPA programs that could enable breakthrough capabilities for conducting exploration, maneuver, and search operations in challenging subterranean environments.