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Manned and unmanned aerial systems, including fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and supporting technologies

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DARPA published its Young Faculty Award (YFA) 2018 Research Announcement today, seeking proposals in 26 different topic areas—the largest number of YFA research areas ever solicited.
In counterinsurgent, counter-terror campaigns, risks associated with conventional weapons in combat operations can severely limit their use and effectiveness, particularly in urban environments. These risks are largely associated with challenges posed by confining intended effects to adversary combatants and forces.
Program Manager
Dr. Joseph Mangano serves as the program manager of the Excalibur program and oversees efforts designed to significantly enhance the mission set of airborne platforms through coherent optical phased array (OPA) technology. Fiber-based OPAs have near-term potential to achieve greater than 40% overall efficiency in a package compact enough for deployment on tactical airborne platforms. Successful integration of these systems would enable new and enhanced capabilities including laser radar (otherwise known as lidar), target designation, laser communications, power beaming, and aircraft self-protection.
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award (YFA) program aims to identify and engage rising stars in junior faculty positions in academia and equivalent positions at non-profit research institutions and expose them to Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security challenges and needs. In particular, this YFA will provide high-impact funding to elite researchers early in their careers to develop innovative new research directions in the context of enabling transformative DoD capabilities.