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The military relies on advanced imaging systems for a number of critical capabilities and applications – from Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and situational awareness to weapon sights. These powerful systems enable defense users to capture and analyze visual data, providing key insights both on and off the battlefield. Today, nearly all imaging systems rely on detector arrays fabricated using planar processes developed for electronic integrated circuits on flat silicon.
DARPA MTO is soliciting research and development proposals for the FOcal arrays for Curved Infrared Imagers (FOCII) program to 1) curve existing state of the art large area (= 55mm diagonal), high resolution, state of the art cryogenically cooled mid- and/or longwave infrared focal plane arrays to a spherical radius of curvature of 70mm, and 2) curve smaller arrays (35mm diagonal) to an extreme 12.5mm spherical radius of curvature.