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Manned and unmanned terrestrial systems, including vehicles, robotics and supporting technologies

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This announcement serves as notification that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Tactical Technology Office is conducting market research seeking technical and business information solely for information and planning purposes. Responses to this Special Notice (SN) will be used to inform DARPA's pursuit of technologies and commercial partnership in support of a capability to conduct high-resolution, georeferenced surveys of subterranean environments as well as high-accuracy geolocation (i.e., XYZ coordinates) of specific locations. Please see the attachment for details.

The Tactical Technology Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is soliciting executive summaries, proposal abstracts and proposals for applied research, advanced technology development, and platform demonstrations that aim to enable disruptive capabilities for future warfare.

Please see the below video produced for and released as part of the 2018 TTO Virtual Proposers Day for the HR001118S0028 BAA (Click on the YouTube logo for a larger version of the video):