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Electronics and Microchips

Technologies based on the manipulation of electrons and, increasingly, photons

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This announcement seeks revolutionary research ideas for topics not being addressed by ongoing MTO programs or other published solicitations.
DARPA is soliciting innovative proposals to develop, demonstrate, and apply emerging technologies developed under the Electronics Resurgence Initiative. Proposals should establish partnerships between defense transition partners and the academic and commercial sectors, leading to direct and revolutionary impacts on Department of Defense (DoD) or national security capabilities. Proposals that demonstrate an established path to impacting existing or emerging programs of record are strongly preferred.
The Digital RF Battlespace Emulator (DRBE) program seeks the creation of a new breed of High Performance Computer (HPC), dubbed “Real-time HPC” (RT-HPC), which effectively balances computational throughput with extreme low latency to create the world’s first largescale virtual radiofrequency (RF) test range. The DRBE system will enable numerous real RF systems (such as radars) to interact with each other in a fully closed loop RF environment.
DARPA believes that recent advances in biosensors, actuators, and artificial intelligence could be extended and integrated to dramatically improve tissue regeneration. To achieve this, the new Bioelectronics for Tissue Regeneration (BETR) program asks researchers to develop bioelectronics that closely track the progress of the wound and then stimulate healing processes in real time to optimize tissue repair and regeneration.