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Data Analysis at Massive Scales

Extracting information and insights from massive datasets; "big data"; "data mining"

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Office Director
Dr. Brian Pierce joined DARPA in 2014 and serves as the director of the DARPA Information Innovation Office (I2O).
Program Manager
Dr. Carey Schwartz joined DARPA as a program manager in February 2015. His principal research interests include analytic methods for distinguishing causality from correlation, data to decisions and quantum information sciences.
Program Manager
Dr. Hava Siegelmann joined DARPA in July 2016 with the goal of developing programs that advance intelligence in computerized devices, focusing on life-long learning, context-aware adaptivity, and user-centered applications.
Program Manager
Dr. Jennifer Roberts joined DARPA as a program manager in 2015. Her principal research interests include scalable analytics and machine learning algorithms that yield insights to human users. Applications of interest include cyber, genetics and human cognition.
Program Manager
Dr. Jonathan Pfautz joined DARPA as a program manager in June 2015. His principal research interests lie at the intersection of the computational and behavioral/social sciences.