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Special Assistant to the Director, Operational Liaison for Warfighter Engagement
Mr. John Murphy joined DARPA in 2014. He serves as an operational liaison for warfighter engagement and technology transition. He assists DARPA leadership with sustaining strong and enduring relationships with the Navy, PACOM, SOUTHCOM, and select interagency partners. Murphy supports DARPA's leaders and program mangers with understanding operational and technology shortfalls and gaps, while raising awareness of how DARPA's work will advance relevant partner capabilities. He also coordinates agency-wide efforts to track the transition of DARPA technology.
Program Manager
Mr. Dustin Fraze joined DARPA in January 2017 to develop, execute, and transition programs in cyberspace operations automation.
Program Manager
Mr. Frank Pound joined DARPA as a program manager in January 2014. He is principally interested in cyber operations and providing a useful interface to the “living Internet of things” such that it can be more easily measured and understood.
Program Manager
Mr. Ian Crone joined DARPA in June 2017 to develop, execute, and transition programs in cybersecurity and cyberspace operations.
Program Manager
Mr. Jacob Torrey joined DARPA as a program manager in May 2017. His research interests focus on securing complex systems that are composed of cyber, physical, and human processes and components.