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Threat Countermeasures

Actions that mitigate adversaries' capabilities

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Program Manager
Dr. Jeff Maas joined DARPA in April 2018 as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office. Dr. Maas' research interests include electronic warfare applications involving distributed systems, real-time effectiveness monitoring, and strategic employment concepts.
Program Manager
Dr. Michael Zuniga joined DARPA as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office in July 2019. His research interests include over-the-horizon radar and electro-optical systems to enhance the mosaic warfare concept. He is also interested in novel radio frequency (RF) and acoustic active cancellation countermeasures enabled by emerging unmanned aerial vehicle and autonomous underwater vehicle systems; adaptive control of underwater acoustic radiation; and physics-based signal and sensor array processing with application to RF and acoustic surveillance systems.
Program Manager
Dr. Seth Cohen joined DARPA as a Program Manager in August 2019. He is interested in novel materials, new approaches to therapeutics/countermeasures, and biological and chemical technologies for stabilization/acquisition of scarce resources.
Office Director
Dr. Timothy Grayson is the director of the Strategic Technology Office (STO) at DARPA. In this role, he leads the office in development of breakthrough technologies to enable warfighters to field, operate, and adapt distributed, joint, multi-domain combat capabilities at continuous speed. These technologies include sensing, communications, and electronic warfare technology and the supporting tools and decision aids needed to compose, integrate, and operate complex combat architectures.