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Program Analyst, Strategic Technology Office
Ms. Jessica P. Marsh is the program analyst for the Strategic Technology Office. Prior to joining the DARPA staff, she provided scientific, engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support for 10 years across various DARPA offices. More
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LtCol Nathan Marvel
Special Assistant to the Director / U.S. Marine Corps Operational Liaison, Director's Office
LtCol Nathan Marvel joined DARPA in 2018 as a special assistant to the director and U.S. Marine Corps operational liaison. More
Dr. Whitney Mason
Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office
Dr. Whitney Mason joined DARPA as a program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) in November 2017. Her research interests are in imaging sensors that provide multi-function capability. In particular, she is interested in novel device structures, optics, and electronics that enable new capabilities compared to current state of the art imaging systems. More
Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office
Mr. Todd Master joined DARPA in April 2016 as a program manager in the Tactical Technology Office. His interests include space launch, space domain awareness, space traffic management, advanced on-orbit operations including robotic servicing, and space policy associated with all of the above. More
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Assistant Director, Program Management, Strategic Technology Office
Ms. Lisa A. Mattocks is the Assistant Director, Program Management (ADPM) for the Strategic Technology Office. She was previously a Program Analyst in the Biological Technologies Office. More
Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office
Dr. Tristan McClure-Begley joined DARPA as a Program Manager in October 2017. His scientific pursuits at the agency involve novel chemical biology approaches to treating disease and injury, and developing methods to accelerate and protect learning and executive functions. More
Program Analyst, Defense Sciences Office
Ms. Karen McMullen has been with DARPA since 1987. She has served as a program/financial analyst for a variety of major DARPA technical offices, including: Advanced Systems, Tactical Technology, Information Awareness, Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems, Special Projects and Strategic Technology.McMullen joined DSO as the program analyst in 2014. More
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Mr. John-Francis Mergen joined DARPA as a program manager in January 2020 to develop, execute, and transition programs in cybersecurity. More
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