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Program Manager, Strategic Technology Office
Dr. Randy Garrett joined DARPA in February 2019 as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office. Prior to arriving at DARPA, he worked for commercial cybersecurity companies. More
Col Ronald Gilbert
Special Assistant to the Director, U.S. Air Force Operational Liaison, Director's Office
Colonel Ronald Gilbert joined DARPA as the U.S. Air Force operational liaison in 2019. He previously served as the Vice Commander, 57th Wing, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, where he was second-in-command for 37 squadrons, more than 3,300 personnel, and 150 combat aircraft spread across 11 geographically separated installations. More
Dr. Tim Grayson
Office Director, Strategic Technology Office
Dr. Timothy Grayson is the director of the Strategic Technology Office (STO) at DARPA. In this role, he leads the office in development of breakthrough technologies to enable warfighters to field, operate, and adapt distributed, joint, multi-domain combat capabilities at continuous speed. These technologies include sensing, communications, and electronic warfare technology and the supporting tools and decision aids needed to compose, integrate, and operate complex combat architectures. More
Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office
Maj. Nathan Greiner joined DARPA in July 2018 as a program manager in the Tactical Technology Office. His research interests include hypersonics, turbomachinery, air-to-ground weapons, and air operations in contested environments. More
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Dr. Benjamin Griffin
Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office
Dr. Benjamin Griffin joined DARPA in October 2018 as a program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO). His research interests include materials and devices that enable operation in harsh environments, near-zero power sensors and wireless nodes, RF resonators, acoustics, sensors and electronics for aerospace applications, and ultrasound. More
Dr. Timothy Hancock
Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office
Dr. Timothy M. Hancock joined DARPA as a program manager in September 2016. His research interests revolve around RF microsystem development that spans semiconductor device processing, circuit design and system integration for communication, radar, and electromagnetic spectrum- sensing applications. More
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Mr. Logan Harr joined DARPA as a program manager in October 2017. His research interests include cyberspace operations. More
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Security, Information Innovation Office
Mrs. Denice Holden is the Program Security Officer for the Information Innovation Office (I2O). She is responsible for ensuring that all I2O information, data and materials requiring safeguarding in the interest of national security are protected as prescribed. More