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Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Mr. Jacob Torrey joined DARPA as a program manager in May 2017. His research interests focus on securing complex systems that are composed of cyber, physical, and human processes and components. More
Dr. Matt Turek
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Dr. Matt Turek joined DARPA’s Information Innovation Office (I2O) as a program manager in July 2018. His research interests include computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and their application to problems with significant societal impact. More
Program Manager, Strategic Technology Office
Dr. Vincent J. Urick joined DARPA in May 2016 as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office. His research interests include photonics, electronic warfare, and sensing in urban environments. More
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Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office
Dr. Eric Van Gieson joined DARPA as a Program Manager in August 2017 with the goal of using host-based methods to mitigate the impacts of emerging disease threats. He intends to explore epigenetic and real-time monitoring approaches that can dynamically guide healthcare decisions and therapy, and new methods of increasing patient survival in austere environments using intelligent systems partnered with local care providers. More
Program Manager , Defense Sciences Office
Dr. Jan Vandenbrande joined DARPA as a program manager in July 2015. He is interested in developing math and computational tools to radically improve the design of mechanical products. More
Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office
Dr. Kurt Vogel joined DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office as a program manager in October 2017, after having served over two years in the Agency’s Strategic Technology Office (STO). His areas of interest include air systems, electronic warfare, stealth, space systems, and counter-space. More
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Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office
Dr. Alexander Walan joined DARPA in September 2017 as a program manager in the Tactical Technology Office. His current focus areas include technology development and demonstration of advanced aircraft technologies with particular focus on rapid design, prototyping, and flight demonstration. More
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Special Assistant to the Director / U.S. Army Operational Liaison, Director's Office
Colonel Allen Walker joined DARPA as a special assistant to the director and U.S. Army operational liaison in 2019. He previously served as the Branch Chief of Maneuver Support in the Director of Force Management, G-3/5/7, Department of the Army. More