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Dr. Raymond Richards
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Dr. Raymond “Ray” Richards joined DARPA in January 2016. His research interests focus on high assurance software and systems. More
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Deputy Director, Biological Technologies Office
Dr. Brad Ringeisen joined DARPA as the Deputy Director of BTO in December 2016. More
Dr. Jennifer Roberts
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office
Dr. Jennifer Roberts joined DARPA as a program manager in 2015. Her principal research interests include scalable analytics and machine learning algorithms that yield insights to human users. Applications of interest include cyber, genetics and human cognition. More
Dr. Jeffrey S. Rogers
Program Manager, Strategic Technology Office
Dr. Jeffrey S. Rogers joined DARPA as a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office in February 2019. Prior to DARPA, Rogers spent 8 years as an electrical engineer and head of the Active Acoustics Section within the Acoustics Division at Naval Research Laboratory. His research interests include acoustic signal and array processing, information theory, acoustic metamaterials, and multi-domain and multi-sensor fusion. More
Dr. Tom Rondeau
Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office
Dr. Tom Rondeau joined DARPA as a program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office in May 2016. His research interests include adaptive and reconfigurable radios, improving the development cycle for new signal-processing techniques, and creating general purpose electromagnetic systems. More
Acting Deputy Director, Tactical Technology Office
LTC Philip Root became acting deputy director of the Tactical Technology Office (TTO) in March 2019 after joining DARPA to serve as a TTO program manager in May 2017. His research interests include unmanned vehicles, collaborative autonomy, and machine learning algorithms. He is particularly interested in leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies and the adaptability of U.S. warfighters to augment mission effectiveness. More
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Office Director, Microsystems Technology Office
Dr. Mark Rosker became director of DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) in April 2019. Prior to this, he was deputy director of Defense Sciences Office (DSO) beginning in April 2018. More
Warfighter Liaison, Director's Office
Mr. Lee Rudacille joined DARPA in 2016 as an operational liaison for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). He assists DARPA leadership with sustaining strong and enduring relationships with SOCOM and CENTCOM key leaders, technology partners and process owners. He supports DARPA's leaders and program mangers with understanding operational and technology shortfalls and gaps, while raising awareness of how DARPA's work will advance relevant partner capabilities. Rudacille also serves as the program manager for DARPA's Service Chiefs Fellows Program. More