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    Mr. Andy Coon joined the DARPA Strategic Technology Office as a program manager in February of 2008. He has initiated and led maritime programs critical to DoD with emphasis on Anti-submarine Warfare (ASW). Each year at DARPA he has initiated a new program. These include the Non-Traditional Active Sonar program (NTAS), the Distributed Agile Submarine Hunting (DASH) program, the Assured Arctic Awareness (AAA) program, and the Upward Falling Payloads (UFP) program. He also oversaw the Center of Excellence for Research in Oceanographic Sciences (CEROS).

    Prior to serving at DARPA, Mr. Coon was employed with BBN for 8 years where he led several advanced research programs for the Navy and DARPA. He oversaw the Distant Thunder active sonar program where he supported advanced development for ship and aircraft systems evolved over several sea tests. He led research for a number of Office of Naval Research (ONR) active sonar programs with a focus on signal and information processing ranging from data fusion to target classification. He also supported the Navy in distributed sensing and communications projects.

    Prior to working at BBN, Mr. Coon was employed for 13 years at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU-APL). His endeavors spanned exploratory development to operational support primarily associated with sonar signal and information processing. His early work focused on air-deployed multistatic systems beginning with the Navy’s Extended Echo Ranging (EER) system.

    Mr. Coon received a BSEE from the University of Maryland in 1987, and an MSEE from The Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering in 1992.

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