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    Dr. Matthew Goodman joined the Defense Sciences Office in June 2007 after retiring from Telcordia Technologies, where he worked for 22 years.  His research interests include many aspects of quantum information, quantum communications and quantum key distribution, as well as associated optical technologies.  He also has interests in single photon detection and enabling technologies for quantum information; novel optoelectronic devices and technologies; intelligent electronics, optoelectronics, and some multidisciplinary complex systems areas including novel forms of renewable energy generation and reclamation.

    Dr. Goodman most recently served as a Chief Scientist and Telcordia Fellow at Telcordia Technologies in New Jersey and Maryland.  He has been the principal investigator on a number of quantum information programs, including fiber-based quantum key distribution research and programs evaluating the performance of quantum data encryption. Dr. Goodman has worked extensively in multiwavelength network architectures, technologies, and their simulation. 

    Dr. Goodman received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Indiana University.  He received his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in physics from the Johns Hopkins University.  He then went to Harvard University, where he was a faculty member in the Department of Physics working in high energy particle physics for nearly a decade.  His work included deep inelastic muon scattering, the observation of shadowing in nuclei, and the search for neutron-antineutron oscillation and the search for other phenomena.

    Dr. Goodman has more than 100 papers and presentations, and has 4 U.S. Patents on multiwavelength networks.  He has won a number of awards for his work including the Harvard Thomas T. Hoopes III Undergraduate Teaching Award, the Bellcore President’s Award, an R&D 100 Award, the Telcordia CEO Award, and in 2002 was made a Telcordia Fellow.  


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