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  • 2011 Young Faculty Award Recipients


    Researcher   Institution    Topic Area  Title of Effort 
    Anastassia Alexandrova  UCLA  Functional Materials  The Inside-Out Design of Artificial Metallo-Enzymes with Unprecedented Specificity and Reactivity 
    Dimitris Anagnostou  SD School of Mines & Technology  Advanced Electronics  Basic Research on Autonomous and Multi-Reconfigurable Antenna Arrays 
    Joseph Bardin  University of Massachusetts  Advanced Electronics  Programmable Front-Ends in Advanced Technologies 
    Xing Cheng  Texas A&M  MEMS/NEMS  Surface-Phonon-Polariton-Enhanced Infrared Antennas for Exceptionally Sensitive Chemical Detection 
    Dino Di Carlo  UCLA  New Physical Methods for Biological Characterization and Control  High-Throughput Mechanical Characterization of Cell State and Function 
    Brian Floyd  North Carolina State University  Advanced Electronics  Interferometric Imaging Using Reconfigured Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays in Silicon (IIRIS) 
    Mark Foster  Johns Hopkins University  Photonics and Lasers  SWiPhT: Scalable Ultra-High-BandWidth Photonic Transmultiplexer 
    Mahmoud Hussein  University Of Colorado  Structural Materials  Vibration Isolation via Directional Subwavelength Dissipation 
    Michael Jewett  Northwestern University  Functional Materials  Synthesis of Sequence-Defined Vinyl Polypeptides for Functional Biohybrid Materials 
    Hanseup Kim  University of Utah  MEMS/NEMS  Infinite-Loop Micro Circulatory Gas Chromatograph (MCCG) 
    Rafal Komendarczyk  Tulane  Mathematics  Topological Invariants of Fluid Flows 
    Rouslan Krechetnikov  UCSB  Mathematics  Low-Dimensional Modeling and Identification of Finite-Amplitude Instabilities in Complex Systems 
    Harish Krishnaswamy  Columbia University  Advanced Electronics  Active Waveguides on Silicon for Sub-mmWave/Terahertz Electronics 
    Minjoo Larry Lee  Yale University  Photonics and Lasers  InGaAs Quantum Dots on GaP/Si: A New Platform for Si-Based Light Emitters 
    Sang-Hyun Oh  University of Minnesota  MEMS/NEMS  Stretchable Plasmonic Devices with Sub-1-nm Critical Dimensions 
    Christine Payne  Georgia Tech  New Physical Methods for Biological Characterization and Control  Intracellular Synthesis of Conducting Polymer Nanowires for Electrical Stimulation and Sensing 
    Balakanapathy Rajaratnam  Leland Stanford Junior University  Mathematics  Rigorous Mathematical Foundations for Network Analysis 
    Mark Foster Riedl  Georgia Tech  Computational and Quantitative Social, Decision, and Behavioral Sciences  Automated Narrative Reasoning for Training Adaptive Leaders and Warfighters 
    Robert Rioux  Penn State  Power and Energy  Lignin Depolymerization by Surface Organocatalysts in Ionic Liquids 
    Raymond Rumpf  University of Texas, El Paso  Digital Direct Manufacturing  Direct Digital Manufacturing of 3D Metamaterial Devices 
    Vito Scarola  Virginia Polutechnic Institute & State University  Quantum Science and Technology  Emulating Strongly Interacting Quantum Matter with Optical Lattices 
    Thomas Schibli  University Of Colorado  Photonics and Lasers  Monolithic Ultrafast Solid-State Lasers 
    David Schuster  University of Chicago  Quantum Science and Technology  Quantum Memories and Ultrasensitive Spin Detection Using Superconducting Circuits 
    Sanjiv Sinha  University of Illinois  MEMS/NEMS  A Circuit-Level Directional Heat Spreader for Short Time Scale Transients 
    Rifat Sipahi  Northeastern University  Neuroscience  Model-Free Algorithms to Assist and Control Human-Task Missions against Dynamic Environments 
    Nathan Sniadecki  University of Washington  New Physical Methods for Biological Characterization and Control  A BIOMEMS Platform for Coagulation Testing 
    Mark Styczynski  Georgia Tech  New Physical Methods for Biological Characterization and Control  Identifying Allosteric Metabolite-Protein Interactions for Engineering Therapeutics 
    Zeeshan Syed  University Of Michigan  Neuroscience  Computational Neuromarkers 
    Yayoi Takamura  University of California, Davis  Functional Materials  Interface Controlled Functionality in Perovskite Oxide Superlattices 
    Hakan Tureci  Princeton  Photonics and Lasers  Engineering Complex Photonic Media for High-Performance Compact Coherent Light Sources 
    Edo Waks  University of Maryland  Quantum Science and Technology  Ultra-Fast Quantum Information Processing Using Quantum Dot Spin Coupled to Photonic Crystals 
    Xudong Wang  University of Wisconsin System  Power and Energy  Piezoelectric ZnO Nanomembranes for Flexible Nanogenerators 
    Kristina Winbladh  University of Delaware  Computational and Quantitative Social, Decision, and Behavioral Sciences  iMuse: Interactive Model-Based Use-Case and Storytelling Environment 
    Xiaodong Xu  University of Washington  Quantum Science and Technology  Dynamically Tunable Mid-Infrared Quantum Optoelectronics Based on Bilayer Graphene 
    Jie Xu  Washington State University  New Physical Methods for Biological Characterization and Control  Ear on a Chip: Microfluidics for Characterization and Control of Hair-Cell Sensing with Acoustic Stimuli 
    Bin Yang  Washington State University  Power and Energy  Jet Fuel Production from Biomass-Derived Lignin in Remote Locations 
    Peng Yin  Harvard  Functional Materials  Programmable Inorganic Materials Synthesis with DNA Nano-Structures 
    Xiao-Dong Zhou  South Carolina  Power and Energy  High Power and Long Life SOFC Systems Powered by JP-8 
    Olesya Zhupanska  University of Iowa  Structural Materials  Investigation of Multi-Field Interactions in Composites: Towards Achieving Multi-Functionality 
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