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    DARPA’s Contracts Management Office (CMO) has the authority to enter into and administer contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and Other Transactions in pursuit of DARPA’s research and development mission.  CMO’s role is to serve as DARPA’s acquisition advisor and make awards in select, critical technology areas.  The bulk of DARPA awards are entered into on behalf of the agency by the military services, who assist DARPA with technology transition to the warfighter. 

    How to Submit a Proposal Against an Open Solicitation 

    DARPA announces funding opportunities using various solicitations and announcements.  All of DARPA’s solicitations and announcements can be found on the Federal Business Opportunities and Grants.gov pages. 

    DARPA primarily uses two solicitation methods: (1) Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs)/Research Announcements (RAs) and (2) Requests for Proposal (RFPs). 

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