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  • DARPA XC2V Design Challenge Explores Advantages of Crowd-Sourced Design

    March 15, 2011

    How novel of a design of a vehicle body might a crowd produce? And how fast? That was the goal of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle (XC2V) Design Challenge, which launched on February 3. A creative, innovative design community stepped up to complete the first part of that goal.

    The XC2V Design Challenge asked individuals to co-create a vehicle body design for two different missions—Combat Reconnaissance and Combat Delivery & Evacuation – and submit these concepts for vote. This competitive challenge prompted designers to push the limits of creative design. Feedback from the crowd enabled designers to incorporate novel ideas and concepts.

    More than 150 design entries were received and validated. Some of the entries that rose to the top included innovations for modularity, increased visibility, unique personnel carrying strategies, optimal equipment usage, and ease of ingress and egress. The top-three entries included many of these concepts. Voting ended March 10, 2011, and the winning vehicle will become a functional concept car in June of this year. The top three design choices are:

    1)    The FLYPMODE – Victor Garcia (United State) 

    2)    The KRATOS – Marc Senger (United States) 

    3)    Style and Design Studio (France) 

    With winners selected using current methods —the program turns to an analysis of crowd-sourced selection. The next research question becomes, how could crowd-sourced selection contribute to the goals of Defense manufacturing? Fundamental questions remain regarding the role of diversity vice expertise in such design and selection tasks. In the coming weeks DARPA will include potential vehicle end users in alternative engagements. This follow-on study seeks more answers and may allow for a second vehicle to be built. Side-by-side evaluation between crowd-selected and end-user-selected vehicles will be conducted.

    Stay tuned for more as DARPA continues its research for the best methodology to get the best products in the hands of the warfighters in the shortest time possible.

    Visit the XC2V challenge webpage at http://www.local-motors.com/XC2V for complete challenge details, to register, and see the winning designs.  

    Spread the word and stay informed by following the XC2V challenge on Facebook and Twitter. 

    (http://www.facebook.com/DARPA) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/darpa) . 

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    Media with inquiries, contact DARPA Public Affairs, DARPAPublicAffairsOffice@darpa.mil 

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